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Faiz Suhaimi

Janaka is very patient in explaining and making sure i understand what i am learning. Mind you i'm a very slow learner but Janaka definitely knows his stuff and takes time in finding many various ways to make me understand what i need to do! Thank you buddy, very well recommended!

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Dhirya Shah

Hello sir how are you u r a good teacher

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Ryan Raja (Supernove Sock)

Janaka is a very good teacher thankyou

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Aaditya (Nikks R)

Joseph is an amazing teacher who understands math very well.

He is also helps with doubts outside the class time if necessary for no extra charge

I would recommend him to students who want to gain a better an broader understanding of maths

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Cameron Boey

Joseph is an amazing tea
Joseph is a excellent mathematics tutor who has a great understanding of math's and is exceptional explaining and teaching it. He has plenty resources to help students gain a better understanding of math and is available outside of class for any students to contact him for free if they are stuck on homework or need help with a question.

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Varun Tangri

Joseph is a profound teacher with vast knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the material that he teaches me. I am able to efficiently and effectively grasp the understanding of difficult sectors of learning due to the varying and simple techniques Joseph provides me with. He is very kind and patient and never fails to make sure that I am left with no questions. Thank you very much Joseph for how well you teach me!

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Daniel Mladjen

Very capable tutor, Joseph explains things really well and always tries his best to make the classes as effective and fun as possible. Would recommend

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Irosh Mathews

He teach the lessons until the student understands it properly in a unique way that every student like. The techniques he use to teach us is very professional I would say. I recommend him to any student! keep up the good work sir.

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BhavNeet Kaur

Highly Recommend Joseph as Maths teacher. My daughter achieved great results under Joseph’s guidance. Thanks Joseph for your hard work.


Shreyaj (Blufire)

Absolutely amazing teacher! He explains everything in such a way anyone can understand! He is Calm, cool and collected not to mention hilarious!
Thanks Joseph for teaching me so well :)))

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Saahil (Saza The Beast)

Janaka Joseph is a great teacher, he is willing to put time aside for you even when he is busy with other students. He has great materials to help his students succeed and is a very positive teacher. He is a very kind individual and a great teacher


Esme Ho

Janaka Jospeh. The best teacher I ever met, easy to understand the way how to make fun with math

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