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"Learn In An Easy And Effective Way"

Since October 2016 when we started "Janaka Joseph" Tutoring Organisation, our main theme is focused on "Learning in an easy and effective way".

Our organisation considers easy and effective learning as a pathway for a brighter future. We have initiated many exciting strategies on how to achieve a brighter future for all our students.

We are not just a Tutoring service, we are a group of enthusiastic tutors who are passionate about your dreams and future



We have the skills and expertise to conduct easy learning with the highest quality that will help you achieve your target goal in life.

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 We offer wide a range of subjects and services such as;


Science - Biology , Chemistry and Physics 



Web designing 

Coding ( C++ , Java, C#, MatLab, HTML and Python )

3D Modeling and Printing

Music( Piano and Violin ) and Voice Training 

and many more( Feel free to Contact us for more details )

All our tutors are well educated and experienced. We are very popular between students and parents because of our mode of teaching which has produced a turnaround of successful results. Check out our testimonials or contact any of our students for excellent reviews and feedbacks.

We currently tutor more than 50 students per week, and we are always happy to welcome more students any time of the year. Our tutors are looking forward to making you part of our big family. We are also open for trial sessions. Feel free to contact us for if you have any question(s).



Do not Forget Your History


The founder of this organisation is Joseph Janaka. The commencement of this organisation dates back to 2012 with the vision that “I want people to be successful via education. Joseph started teaching a group of O levels mathematic students at a rural Catholic church in Sri Lanka.. It was not an easy task because he was only 15 years old with little knowledge of caring for kids not more of even teaching them? At the end of two weeks, obviously, he was the only one left in the class.

However, this event did not dampen him in any way. His passion and visions were very much alive. Thus, he decided to study more and more.


This enhanced his quality and grades as one of the best students at the prestigious St Thomas' College Mount Lavinia. “I improved my leadership and communication skills in the college by teaching other students and giving them opportunities to ask me questions especially in Mathematics. Among several others, I was helpful to my cousin, Irosh with his studies. Oftentimes, I put my hand up to answers questions in the class and also to contribute easy approaches in solving problems.”


How we Started Janaka Joseph Organisation


I came to Australia to study Aerospace Engineering. Yay! on the very first semester I managed to achieve 100 out of 100 for Mathematics with is obviously a record in RMIT University.


Thereafter, I got an email from the Student Learning Advisor Mentors and they made me a Mentor at RMIT for Mathematics, Computer Applications and Engineering subjects. In addition to that, they provided me with the opportunity to improve my knowledge about teaching, mentoring, student phycology and how to become a role model.

In the euphoria of all of these, I initiated and opened up  "Janaka Joseph" Tutorial. The beginningwas super hard in several aspect. I struggled a lot but thankfully my family, friends and all my students supported me to stabilise.


Special Thanks to

My Sunshine (Thushmini ) - For helping me to handle the stress and to grow this Organisation.Your motivation is always a driving force in my life.

I thank my parents for providing me with good education and for loving me unconditionally. I will cherish this forever.

Thank you Nanga for all your help and managing everything at home while I am away in Australia

Thank you Fr. Jeremy and Claire for standing by me all the time. You are like my parents to me and I truly love you.

Thank you to everyone at St. Philips Anglican Church, Mt Waverly for motivated me and providing me with a unique family experience here in Australia.

Thank you to Chef Sarah for helping me when I wasall the way down financially. Thank you for recommending me as a good worker and teaching me many new skills.

Thank you Dr Silvana for helping me whenever I need guidance in Mathematics. I appreciate you as the best teacher ever in my life.

I also remember my English Tutor and my former student (Jon) for trusting me. Thank you for joining me to build this Organisation which is fast becoming one of the best in Melbourne, Victoria. Hopefully, it will become one of the best in the World”.

Janaka Joseph

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