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Guess What Aaditya Did It !!! - Cas Ti-Inspire CS Calculator Challenge

Happy New year everyone, so this is our new website and yes Aadi managed to be our first achiever for 2021( After 2 years I got a new achiever for this challenge ). He managed to say 1 - 15 timetables within 1 min. Yes he will get the Cas Ti-Nspire CX ,$ 215 - calculator from Office Works( Just to make sure we are not sponsored )

Cas Ti-Inspire CS Calculator Challenge - This is a Challenge We do to uplift the interest of our students to be the best out of best

At "Janaka Joseph" we believe that knowing your timetables well is one of the very important things to achieve best results in Mathematic ( Yes, it's a secret ) If you know your timetables well you will find maths so easy. But think what would happen if you know your timetables and as well you are really fast at it. Then you will be the BEST.

all you need to do is

Learn 1 -15 timetables and say before 1min ( No Cheating )

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