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Remember To Give Up The Giving Up

We all know that the COVID 19 effected us so badly but is it a reason to say "no" for studies?

Obviously that's a wrong attitude. We are the only creatures in this whole world who has the ability to think. Moreover, the creatures who can be innovative. 

So why don't we change that negative mindset and start working in a new way. New method - Actually I would rather call it a better method because now we can do the classes anywhere and whenever we want. 

At "Janaka Joseph" we created the best and the most exciting way for online learning. 

Actually online learning is an opportunity which will make our lessons more fun, more  effective and we can use many real life software, many books and even watch videos which are super helpful to understand our lessons. 

Zooming on Tablet

How can you join into Janaka Joseph's classes. 

I ( Janaka Joseph ) use Skype, Google meets and Zoom to conduct online classes.

You can join with me through any one of these methods

Below I will add the details to join in to my Zoom ->

                        To Join through Zoom

 Click below






Meeting ID: 977 429 1255
Passcode: Joseph

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