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Genda Phool ( Marigold flower )

Genda Phool - 1
Genda Phool - 2
Genda Phool - 3
Genda Phool - 4
Genda Phool - 5
Genda Phool - 5
Genda Phool - With Marina

Please Watch This And Don't Forget to Unmute 

This design is perfect for a southern Indian occasion or a bridal.  

Udarata Neriya ( Kandyan Bride and Groom )

This is one of the utmost luxury quality bridal wear for a couple with traditions.   

Please Watch This And Don't Forget to Unmute 

Pop Art

Professionality Is The Addiction To Success 


Marina is a global talent and our head of Fashion department. She has participated in many international fashion design competitions and her designs got highlighted  

in many Magazines. 


Her eye of details, the motivational spirit of 

hard work is exceptional and out of all,

her ability to think out of the box is


In her words ->

“Ups & Downs are the common Obstacles in Targets full of Dreamer who works hard on achieving their Goals.”

                             – Marina Mendis


Pop Art
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